ProSlinger Camera Harness - Elite

ProSlinger Camera Harness - Elite

from 449.00
  • Handmade Dual Camera Harness

  • Genuine High Quality Leather

  • Made to Order

  • Ships World Wide from United States

  • Includes ProMedia Plug and Plate system and HuGs chest strap.

  • Different color threads are also available upon request.


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This Dual Camera strap Harness is made for photographers of all shapes and sizes, providing all day comfort to your shoulders and back. It is Handmade from the finest Full-Grain Cowhide leather and the hardware is built to last. We equip each harness with multiple accessory D-Rings to clip a bag or a chest strap on. 


With Sizing we have molded two different sized shoulder pieces and back patches, one for the smaller sizes (Petite to Medium) and one for the larger sizes (Large to Largest). The "Slings" that the cameras glide up and down on each have their own size (Petite to Largest), and are adjustable; creating a truly custom fit for premium comfort no matter your size. Click here for Sizing Chart