Simple Beginnings

Our story is a simple one, and it starts with “the Creative Flow”. Think of an athlete for example, going through each precise step of preparation; from how they tie their shoes to the music they listen to right before a game. With the sole purpose of getting in their zone, their flow so they can perform better than good, they can become great. As a creative professional, I go through a similar process. I think of the shots I will search out to create, I go through all my gear to make sure I have everything I need to get that perfect shot. All so when the time comes I too can get into zone, and let loose my creative flow. So what does that is have to do with a dual camera strap system?

Honestly everything.  

Anders and Lee ProSlinger Dual Camera Harness

Just like the athlete, I strive for greatness with every shot I take; however if the flow becomes disrupted - for instance my back being in serious pain - I can loose my focus and greatness becomes a struggle. I have been shooting photography professionally for over a decade, and have tried many different camera strap systems, only to be disappointed. Never finding one that fit me comfortably because of my size.

Being a big man, I have been plagued throughout life with trying to find clothing that fit - camera straps were no different. So needless to say I would be stuck trying to make a strap that didn’t work, work. With more camera strap systems in the world than I care to count, it seems like they are only made for a certain body type. However big or small, or thin or thick there had to be a better solution to this problem. That lead me to an idea that would change everything: The ProSlinger harness.


International Chic with comfort and function at the helm.

While designing the ProSlinger, I knew I wanted it to support your camera gear comfortably - no matter your size - but as an artist I wanted it too look stylish and hip too. So I set out to design a system that would work not only for me but for anyone carrying a camera or two for any period of time. Rather than blindly looking at more camera straps, I found inspiration by observing how other professionals carry gear all day long on their shoulders and back. What really stood out to me were shoulder holsters.  I liked how the shoulder strap curved around the shoulder and knew that would add more comfort to the ProSlinger harness.  

Next, I wanted to distribute the weight of the cameras in a way that sat more on the back rather than on the shoulders. That’s where the cross “Patch” design comes in. I developed a stand alone “Patch” that links the shoulder straps behind the photographer, letting the camera glide not solely on the shoulders but on the back as well. This design evens out the weight of the gear. It keeps the cameras behind the photographer, preventing the side swinging that so many other dual camera straps tend to have, giving you an “Angel Wing” effect. It also makes navigating your cameras in tight spaces - like the middle of a wedding dance floor - considerably easier.

Quality with a capital Q

Comfort and design would be nothing if the ProSlinger did not last. The ProSlinger by Anders and Lee needed to be made with only the highest quality materials. I reached out to one of my best friends who also happens to be a leather craftsman. We spent countless hours searching for the best quality leathers and hardware. It took over a year of trials and prototypes to deliver the exceptional ProSlinger that we have today--and we did it keeping our dual camera strap within reach for most photographers to own one.

Shaun Anders

Shaun Anders

I am proud to say that the refinement and quality of the ProSlinger camera harness is now available for the most discerning photographer. The ProSlinger is guaranteed to fit the widest range of photographers around the world--from the most petite shooter to a larger photographer like myself. I am excited for this next step and want to thank you all personally for your interest in becoming part of our family. We can’t wait to make this journey with you.


Happy shooting to all of you,


S. Anders


Harness is !#%&! amazing. Solid work guys, it performs flawlessly.
— Welling Photography