How do I figure out the right size?

Sizing was one of our primary motivators for creating our camera harness system. Personally I am a large man, and trying to find certain gear to fit me correct was a challenge. So our goal was create a wide range of sizes. We don’t just do the standard 3 sizes that many will do, We decided to create six. If you click on the sizing chart it will give you guidelines to help you get the right size. If you still have questions after that, just send me an email through our contact page and I will be happy to help guide you.

How do I know if my ProSlinger is fitting me correctly?

Since everyone is so different with body types this is a great questions. What I have found, is that the ProSlinger camera harness will be most comfortable when the “CrossPatch” (the back piece) sits in the middle of your back just below your shoulder blades. When you first try on your ProSlinger, the shoulder straps may feel a little loose, however when you attach your cameras the weight of them will make the harness snug and secure.

Do you have any kind of warranty?

We spent over a year and half designing and testing our straps and harnesses to not only get the best kind of fit for all day comfort, but also for durability and staying power. We are very proud of the outcome. We also make each harness and strap by hand, with the best leathers and hardware. So our warranty is very straight forward - If for some reason we miss the fit on you, simply send it back and we will make the proper adjustments to make it fit correctly. If over time through normal wear and tear of the gear, if it looks like something comes loose or needs fixed simply let us know and we will make sure we get fixed for you.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take all major credit cards and PayPal. You will be able to choose at checkout.

Do you supply the screw for the camera that the harness clips into?

We are unable to supply this part, simply because it's not a piece we manufacture so it’s impossible for us to have any quality control over it. . We have found many places on Amazon that you can pick up a pair of them and they are very affordable. We also provide you with security straps just so you can feel secure with any that you choose. If you are looking for something more robust we do offer that add on of the plug and plate system from ProMedia Gear, click here to see them.

Are the security straps easy to use?

Yes, on every harness or straps we attach a specific D ring on the Camera Glide for you clip into (see photo below). Then, you can use the triangle clip that came with your camera to attach the factory strap (see photo below). If you no longer have that part or are missing the plastic clip seen in the photo, then we have provided you with a couple of rings you can use to clip into (see photo below). If are you using a larger lens such as the 70-200mm I would also recommend doubling up the rings just to be safe. Lastly do not try to clip the security strap into the eyelet that the rings would go into directly (see photo below), there is no real way for them to clip into the eyelet securely. If you still have any questions on this don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Camera Glide Clip

Camera Glide Clip

Factory Clip

Factory Clip

Rings to clip onto Camera

Rings to clip onto Camera



Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes we do, it does have a different shipping rate of course. You will also be responsible if your country charges you any import taxes of which we have no control over. There also may be other related charges depending on your country. Each country is different so we suggest checking with your local government to be sure.

How long does it take for me to get my harness?

Each harness is handmade and takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete and ship. If you are needing it sooner than that we do have a rush service that moves you to front of the line and makes yours the next one in line to be finished. If you have any additional questions about this contact us directly.

What makes your harnesses more comfortable than other harnesses out there?

I would say it comes down to two things really. The first one is our Patent Pending CrossPatch in the back. It seems to centralize the weight of your gear to the center of your back making it more stable on your body as you where it throughout the day. The second factor that make us more comfortable than most other harnesses out there is our sizing. We wanted our sizing to fit everyone. Being a large man myself I find it very difficult to find things that truly fit me. Camera Harnesses where no different, they would always feel too small for me and by the end of full day of shooting, my back would be feeling it. I can now wear one of our harnesses at an all day wedding and by the end of the night my back feels fine. Now if I could just figure out something to solve my sore feet.